Visitors to the WTUG studio on any random day often say, "So THIS is where it all happens, huh?"  I smile and say, "Yep.  This is our home away from home."   I then watch as they take in an eye full of our surroundings until they land on my shoes. *giggle*

I wear gym shoes to work EVERY day. Because I leave for work while everyone in my house is asleep, I choose not to put on heels that will make noise and possibly wake them.  In addition, I have to do a lot of running around while at work. I run up and down the stairs, from studio to studio, and wearing gym shoes just makes it easier.

Jade Nicole, WTUG

I remember when our dad would need to stop by his office in downtown Chicago. I gazed out the window at all of the professionals and wondered to myself, "Why is she wearing a business suit, pantyhose, and gym shoes? That doesn't go together."  Well, now I know, and if I'm ever out and wearing heels, you can bet your bottom dollar I have a pair of flats nearby just as when I wear gym shoes to work, my heels are neatly tucked under the counter. Pain may be the price of beauty, but I'm not going to inflict unnecessary pain upon myself.