As of late, it seems that young people are suffering from diseases that are typically experienced by older people.  More young people have diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks than ever before.  A friend of mine came to show me her grandson a few weeks ago.  He's not even a year old and has glaucoma. Just today, I was reading an article about twin sisters who had strokes.  Both of them. And they're only 26!

Actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at only 30 years old!

It makes me wonder how much of this is environment (the air we breathe as well as what we digest) and how much might be attributed to evolution.  Are our chemical make ups different than they were before? Or are a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition causing our bodies to retain toxins that should be eliminated?

What do you think is the reason that more younger people are being diagnosed with "old people's" illnesses?