Jingles. They serve one main purpose: To become embedded into the mind of the consumer. But some companies have mastered the art better than others.

Growing up in Chicagoland, the first jingle I can remember was for Empire Carpet. "5-8-8-2-3-hundred EMPIIIIIRRRREEE!" And yes,  I sang that just like they did when I first heard it.

In Alabama, I've heard quite a few that are memorable. For instance, in the 90's, WTUG had a woman who sang, "Ninety-two point ni-iiine...... WTUG!" And once again, I just sang that as I wrote it.

Other popular ones include "5-5-6-3-6-3-6" for Tucker Motor and "Eight hundred, six hundred 6-0-1-4."

But probably more widely known is "J.G. Wentworth 8-7-7-CASH NOW!"

What is it about these songs that makes us remember them for years beyond the last time we heard them? Is it the melodies, the simplicity of the numbers, the frequency at which we hear them,  or a combination of factors?

Whatever the case, it's hard to dispute the fact that some jingles JUST WORK!

What are some you love or some you wish you could forget?

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