Sound crazy but it's true!

We've all heard crazy backwoods ideas about growing a garden. But this takes the cake.

Allotment Garden Bed
Rainer K√¬√¬√¬√¬√¬√¬√¬√¬ºhnl
The National Institute of Agriculture Research of Nigeria says yes, there is a benefit to using urine on your crops. The practice of this is being used in Asia as I write this.
I know what you are thinking because I am thinking the same.
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So if you are brave enough to attempt this or curious enough to know why, read on for more information.
This has been an apparent practice for thousands of years, yes you read that right, THOUSANDS of years!
Gardening hacks come in a wide spectrum from using eggs shells to beer, yet pee has never been one I have heard of. Growing up in Missouri around farms, manure has been used but never pee.
Healthy tomatoes on ground
Okay before you decide to go relieve yourself in your garden, there are rules to using your urine.
Healthy plants require fertilizer. Most fertilizers have a phosphorus, potassium, and a nitrogen blend. What does urine contain?  The same exact blend, minus the chemical equations and burning of natural gases to produce the fertilizer.
Nothing beats a beefy tomato plucked from your backyard on a burger. So how exactly does one use pee to help support a healthy and bountiful garden?
Other than collecting your urine, which thanks to the ammonia in our urine keeps it pretty sterile, it must be stored properly.
First, find a container that could withstand long periods of time with an acidic liquid, also called urine. Glass is a safe bet. Then you must store the collected urine for 2 to 3 months at temperatures between 70-75 degrees to destroy any possible germs that may have survived the evacuation of urine.
So after the proper storage time, you spread the benefits of your stockpiled urine in your garden.
Allotment Garden Bed

Even now as I write this I am thinking this is not something I would want to try.

I understand our gardens take nutrients out of the soil for the benefit of growing our cucumbers, corn, and melons. Still, pee is not on the list of nutrients I would use to reinvigorate my backyard garden.
The collection process alone, for one person, would take too much time to collect enough to even benefit my backyard garden. Also, I still think it’s gross.

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