LL Cool J got into a bit of controversy when he tweeted that he's "one of the best to ever touch the mic."

It all started when blogger, Hazie Thoughts, tweeted a link to an article celebrating LL's rhyme skills. "According to @HazieThoughts I was a pretty good rapper," tweeted LL after the mention. The tweet must have gained a lot of backlash since the "Headsprung" rapper went into a tirade about his skills.

"Please stop pretending that we all don't know I'm one of the best to ever touch that mic," read the first tweet. "I stepped away and let you breathe. I can cut off air your air supply with one single. Don't test me," he continued in the next tweet.

But it seems LL was just pulling everyone's legs. "Yall crazy b lmao... lol I'm jut messing with Yall hahahahahahahha"

Although that didn't stop tweeters, including Chuck D, to chime in with their opinions. "Legend or not LL performs 32yrs of hard to do songs when your fav rapper gets tired in 45min & may run out of songs," tweeted from the Public Enemy frontman. "Ive said this before @llcoolj is the @kaj33 of hiphop period.Skyhooks & dunk verses for 32years, more points at it than anyone yall can name," he continued, while referencing NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

LL Cool J may be known more for hosting the Grammys and Lip Sync Battle than rapping nowadays but it's hard to believe that many doubt the 48-year-old can spit. (And we challenge anyone to listen to Radio and tell us wrong.)

Either way, what do you think? Was LL joking? Do you think he'll drop a track to remind the youngins? Let us know in the comments and check out his tweets below.