On ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Season 2, Episode 6, Lil Scrappy comes to visit Momma Dee and she has an “end of engagement” cake to celebrate the breakup between him and Erica. Scrappy is angry over this and goes to his father, who is a preacher, to speak to him about his ongoing issues.

“It may be that your mom is the problem,” Scrappy’s father says.

Meanwhile, Traci shows off her insecure side while interviewing candidates for the new sneaker store she and DrewBabey will open. The women are all beautiful but she has the nerve to call them “all hoes.”

Of course the ladies get mad and call Traci a “hater.” So she kicks them out. And she still refuses to give DrewBabey $25,000 for the store. Traci meets up with her sister and tells her about the interviews. Her sister advises her not to go forth with partnering with Drew for the store. “Business and pleasure and business and family don’t work,” her sister states. Wise words.

Kirk and Rasheeda aren’t agreeing on the future of the baby they are expecting. He doesn’t want a child at the moment. Kirk says she should have been on the pill. But he forgets that it takes two to get one pregnant.

Stevie J comes by to check on Che Mack, who was robbed of all her items. He brings her a new 40-inch flat screen television. “I hate seeing a woman cry,” says Captain Save ‘Em himself. Joseline confronts Stevie about working with Che Mack. “Why are you even working with this hoe, because for real, you haven’t finished this album yet,” Joseline tells him. But he lies to her. “I’m not in the studio with Che Mack,” Stevie claims.

Stevie J and Mimi have an awkward run-in together, which confirms for Mimi that she needs to move on completely. “It’s about me and my daughter now,” Mimi says. She’s now removing the matching tattoos she and Stevie got together early in their relationship.

Later on, Mimi and Nikko are at a video shoot for a singer named Johnny. K. Michelle comes through to check on Mimi at the shoot. “Why is Johnny singing about women when he likes men? says K. Michelle.

Johnny overhears and asks her why she was calling him gay. The conversation escalates. A couple of minutes later she’s now attacking Nikko. “That’s your girlfriend,” says K. Michelle in reference to Johnny. Now she thinks Nikko is gay. He subsequently kicks her out of the video shoot and they exchange insults as she walks out the door.

Mimi loses her temper this time and starts yelling at everyone. “Why can’t s--- be about me sometimes,” she says turning red. We agree that at this point, she has the right to go crazy.

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