On Season 2, Episode 7 of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ Mimi and K. Michelle are still salty with each other about the arguments the week before at the video shoot. She travels to New York with Ariane to fix things with her. “If it’s not about K. Michelle then it needs to be made about her,” Mimi says frustratingly. K. Michelle went on the radio once again and stated that Mimi’s man Nikko is on the down low, which angers Mimi.

K. Michelle is performing at B.B. Kings in New York and she’s excited because the line is around the corner. But backstage after the show, things get loud and physical. “There’s no reason that your boy has a roommate at his age,” K. Michelle says, still sticking with her story that he’s gay. Mimi calls K. Michelle immature. The singer then put her hands on Mimi, throwing a flower bouquet at her. However, Mimi stays calm through the whole ordeal, making K. Michelle look worse than before.

Ariane tells Mimi that she needs to be the bigger person. But Mimi can’t believe Ariane is even saying that and frankly yells that it’s only a matter of time before K. Michelle will turn on her as well.

Meanwhile, BabeyDrew and Traci are in a deeper financial rut than when they started regarding the opening of their sneaker store. Drew’s supposed business partner is a con artist. “You sent this man $50,000 with no signed contract and he basically stole the money?” Traci asks, turning red.

The grand opening is planned, party fliers are printed out and now it’s not happening. “We gone make this happen,” Drew still says optimistically. But it’s actually ridiculous and pathetic what he’s done with the money and Traci now has a right to be eternally pissed at this man.

Karlie Redd is still trying to revive her so-called career and hits up Rasheeda to join her on a K. Michelle diss track. “I don’t care about her,” Rasheeda tell her just like that. She doesn’t like K. Michelle, but she’s also not interested in making any music directed towards her. “That’s just juvenile for me,“ Rasheeda adamantly explains. She tells Karlie that she “needs to redeem herself.” We’ll see how this works out.

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