Fans of the old Mellow Mushroom in downtown Tuscaloosa, rejoice! The Mellow Mushroom is coming back to town, and if the owner has his way, they will be here by the end of the year!

Last August, the Mellow Mushroom closed it's doors after an 18-year T-Town run. However, now it is has been confirmed that they'll be re-opening in the old Post Office Pies location, on the corner of 20th Ave and 6th Street.

New Mellow Mushroom owner, Andy Croy, told The Tuscaloosa News“I never really left Mellow here in Tuscaloosa. I always kept an eye out, always knew who the general manager was, always knew who was working there, because I knew one day the opportunity would come, that the home office would want to get out of the Mellow Mushroom Tuscaloosa business, or the opportunity to own one would come at another location.”

Croy also mentioned that he would like to have the Mellow Mushroom open by the end of the year. However, the date isn't etched in stone yet, because he has to maneuver through various city codes, lease agreements and corporate permissions.

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