Like many people, I have to budget my money very well to make it from one check to the next; and I’m not always successful even in that.  So, although the idea of going on vacation seems like a great one, it has not always been feasible. In recent years, this has changed for me. I’ll tell you how.First of all, it takes a good bit of strategic planning and slight discipline. I'm not as disciplined as I'd like to be. So, I had to figure out a plan that works for me.

  1. If you get an income tax check, sit some of the money aside specifically for a vacation.  Use this money to secure your lodging, and find a place to fit within that budget but make sure it has a pool or nearby beach. These offer plenty of enjoyment with no additional cost. If you don't get an income tax check, it's ok. Just sit aside $10 per week or any extra money that isn't already allocated to something in your budget. Eventually, it adds up.
  2. SHARE!!! Oftentimes, unless you have a whole lot of children, you can find at least one other person to take vacation with you. This allows you to split travel and lodging costs. It doesn’t mean you have to do everything together while on vacation, though.
  3. Look for places to eat that fit within your budget OR rent a condo that will allow you to cook and find the grocery store once you arrive. Ask local residents of the best places to eat. They’ll often direct you away from the touristy (more expensive) areas in favor of “hole-in-the-wall” places that give you an authentic experience of the area without spending excessively.

(Here’s one that you MIGHT or MIGHT NOT want to use) Vacation time has come.  You’ve paid for your stay in advance, but you’re now in a tight as far as spending money…..

  •         If you find yourself in a tight, call and make arrangements on your bills.  For some bills, this may not be possible. However, almost ALL vehicle finance companies will allow you to skip a payment each year. The key is to CALL and make arrangements rather than just missing the payment.
Understand that there is a reason why you’re given vacation time.  Vacation is just like sleep.  It’s a time given for you to take a break from your normal activities and to refresh.  Sometimes, while away, you discover ways to better manage your everyday life, or you become inspired and think of ways to increase your finances so that vacationing is easier.
Let's face it, most of us work to live instead of living to work. No one wants to make money and not be able to enjoy SOME of it.  We all have bills to pay, but what fun is a life that is dedicated only to necessity? Vacations don't have to be extravagant to be enjoyable.