Today, lemonade stands were all over Tuscaloosa as area youth took part in Lemonade Day and learned to operate their own  businesses if only for a day.

As partners in Lemonade Day, it wouldn't have made sense to push everyone to support the businesses if we weren't going to do the same. So we did!

There were three lemonade stands in one block. One was on Hargrove Road just in front of the comic book store.


Then, in the McFarland Plaza area,  there was a stand on front of the Cutting Zone barbershop.


One thing that was really cool was seeing even the ice cream man supporting a lemonade stand.


Only a few yards away in front of Cato was another stand.


Each of these offered unique elements. The first had multiple flavors,  including the Arnold Palmer (one of our favorites). The second had some of the best strawberry lemonade with real strawberries in it. At the stand in front of Cato, in addition to the lemonade were lollipops and delicious pound cake!

Once we left those stands, we stopped by one at Shelby Park where we enjoyed all kinds of goodies, including white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.


Unfortunately, after this stop, my phone died. The way home,  I took a route where I knew lemonade stands to be.

It was such a pleasure combining family time and supporting area children. Of course,  we look forward to Lemonade Day 2019!

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