Could we see a nice white blanket of the white stuff tomorrow?According to James Spann, we could.  Here's an excerpt from

SNOW FLAKES? Not much change in our overall thinking since yesterday. Confidence is high that we will see snow flurries, or maybe even some convective type snow showers around here (North-Central Alabama) after midnight tonight, and during the day tomorrow. As always, the tricky part is dealing with accumulation potential.

The problem with this is that snow showers are much like rain showers on a summer afternoon in Alabama. They can be scattered in random places, and precipitation is very uneven. A few communities could see a heavier snow burst briefly tomorrow morning, perhaps making the ground white, but most places won’t see any accumulation


From the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Birmingham:

James Spann's Weather Xtreme Video goes into more detail:


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