While March is typically known for St. Patrick's Day, the beginning of spring, and March Madness, for one burger joint in Durham, North Carolina, March 1 marked the start of Exotic Meat Month.

exotic meat burgers

Bull City Burger and Brewery serves up the likes of llama, camel, iguana, and more (all in burger form) for exactly 31 days. This is only the 2nd annual Exotic Meat Month. Last year was the first and owner Seth Gross was completely blown away by the outcome. We weren't ready for it. We bought 20 pounds of alligator meat and it was gone in hours. Caribou was gone in a day, explained Gross. So far more than 1,000 non-beef burgers have been sold. Those burgers were made from, iguana, venison, goat, llama, and ostrich. Python and camel also made the menu this year along with toppings like scorpions and grasshoppers. Exotic Meat Month may bring in a lot of business for Gross, but the restaurant owner insists that it's not a publicity stunt. He is instead introducing people to new meats and flavors that are consumed elsewhere in the world. Which exotic burger would try?