80 Applebee’s to Close This Year!
The Big Question is, Are they closing the Applebee's here in Tuscaloosa?
I'm a big fan of Applebee's, I may go once a week for the Chicken Wong ton Tacos! To hear that there is a possibility that it maybe closing is not something I wanted to hear!
You Spend Almost $324,000 From Impulsive Shopping!
Are you an impulsive shopper? 
I think every woman in America shops impulsively! Just think about it, when you go to Walmart for two simple items, you always come out with a shopping cart full of stuff! Oh and don't let it be a sale in the mall while you're going to get lunch in …
It’s National Margarita Day!
Happy Margarita Day!!
So how do you plan on celebrating National Margarita day?
Everyone has a preference for how a margarita should be served. It could be blended, with a salted rim, or over ice, or a mixed cocktail. However, if you'...
Happy 16th Birthday to Blanket Jackson!
Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson's youngest Son Blanket!
Here are other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today as well:
Jordan Peele
Kelsey Grammer
Anthony Daniels
Nina Simone*
Rue McClanahan
Here are our local celebrities that are celebrating birthdays as well!

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