Mercedes’ GLE Celebration was a Class Act!
My mom has been an employee at Mercedes Benz US International for quite a number of years. When she asked me to be her guest for the company's GLE Celebration, I jumped at the chance to spend quality time with her as well as celebrate the accomplishments of her team and other MBUSI employees...
When Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?
Each year, I say to myself, I'm going to start my Christmas shopping early! As much sense as it makes, I never do!  Here are four reasons I may want to rethink that! 
1.  Shorter lines and less chaos.  Instead of dealing with crowds, you just have to wrap your gifts ...
How Often Do You Break The Law?
If I asked you how often so though commit a crime, you may say not many times at all.  A lot of us break laws daily without thinking twice about it! Below are some of those laws.
1.  Have you ever jaywalked?  90% of people said they have.
2.  ...
Here’s The Dumbest Criminal Of The Week
I have heard a dumb criminals, but this is just ridiculous. Cops in Palmview, Texas had a warrant out last month for a 19-year-old guy named Brandon Diaz. He was wanted for felony theft for stealing about $3,000 worth of jewelry from a family member.
Why Teal Pumpkins This Halloween?
This is my favorite time of the year, Fall! That means the holidays are not far!  Come to think of it, Halloween is less than 3 weeks away!
This Halloween,  you are going to see something a little different! This year, you will see Teal Pumpkins! Jus...
Hurricane Check List
We are at the peak of  Hurricane Season, it ends the end of October. With that being said,  there's another disturbance near the Gulf of Mexico.
A lot of times can we pack for hurricane and sometimes we leave things out, like a first aid kit, for humans and for pets. Mon...

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