10 Reasons To Be Thankful You Live In Tuscaloosa
Known as the ‘Druid City’, Tuscaloosa is home to beautiful water oaks, interesting people and feels large enough to enjoy diversity but small enough to feel like you know everyone. T-Town isn’t free from minor aggravations experienced in any community...
Top 10 Secret Ingredients for Green Bean Casserole
The one side dish that makes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving besides dressing is green bean casserole. Whether plain or jazzed up it is a staple at many urban tables on Thanksgiving.
According to a survey by Del Monte who asked U.S. and Alabama residents to rate their favorite "secret ingredient"…
How Would You Answer This Question?
My mother asked me this question now I ask you. This was a real question asked on a job interview. The person with the right answer would get the dream job of their life.
How would you answer the question?
Artists Who Weren’t Subjected Public Scrutiny, Thankfully
Let's face it! We all know that not all recording artists have melodious voices.  It's not always clear how an artist gets his big break, but in the age of technology and social media, it IS easy to tell who just might not be a star today if certain applications like MySpace (where MA…

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