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Check Out The Activities At This Year’s Kidabaloo
We are so excited that Kidabaloo coming back to Tuscaloosa. This year's special guests will be Brec Bassinger of Bella and the Bulldogs If you don’t know who Bella is ask your children I bet they know.
Activities include face painting, animals, hula hooping demonstrations, crafts with Macaroni Kid of…
Kidabaloo is on the Way!
If you missed last year's Kidabaloo, you did your children a huge disservice. However, if you came, you probably already have your tickets for this year's Kidabaloo, as it's going to be bigger and better!
Star Wars Nerds; The Next Generation
When I was a kid, my brother and I watched what my parents watched. We didn't have a TV in every room to go watch something else. We didn't have a VCR in another room to pop in a movie and, when you grow up in a town with less than 500 people, going to the movies was a family event and a r…

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