The NFL season had more at stake than playoff births when the final Sunday of the season kicked off. Our inaugural Pro Football Pick'em contest for VIP members would come down to the final week to decide whether users 'TrophyDawg' or 'Parrothead' would come out on top.

Both entrants had outstanding weeks going 14-2, but David Boles (aka TrophyDawg) held on to his slight lead to win the $150 worth of gift cards from American Express and Visa.

Boles, 53, lives in Moundville and has followed football his entire life. As a fan of the Crimson Tide first, he told us he grew up pulling for the Dallas Cowboys because former Alabama linebacker Lee Roy Jordan was on the team. But when head coach Tom Landry was dismissed, Boles changed allegiances to the Green Bay Packers, who he still follows to this day.

That allegiance worked out well for David when the Packers drafted Eddie Lacy in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Now the leading rookie rusher in the NFL, Lacy has become his favorite Packer.

David still has a chance to increase his winnings this NFL season. As the winner of our contest, we asked him to make a score prediction for the Super Bowl. If he correctly predicts either the first half or final score, he'll win an additional $1,000. If he's able to pick both scores identically, he'll take home $10,000!

In case you were curious, he's picking the Seahawks to defeat the Broncos in the Super Bowl. He says the halftime score will be 21-14 with a final of 31-17. We wish David the best of luck on his final predictions of the year!