The trusted source for weather well before high tech radar, computer models and the birth of James Spann, was the Old Farmer's Almanac. They've been around since 1792. The Declaration of Independence hadn't even been adopted yet. Yeah, that's a few years ago.

This annual weather almanac uses a secret formula which includes solar activity, astronomy cycles/patterns, and tidal action. They claim 80% accuracy. It correctly forecasted the Alabama artic cold weather events this winter. The almanac forecasted a snow storm in New York for the Super Bowl. It just missed the game as it hit the next day and caused travel problems for those leaving the city.

These correct winter predictions alone have caught my interest and curiosity. What about the seasons ahead?

Here we go, the Deep South prediction from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

April and May will be slightly rainier than normal, with above-normal temperatures, especially in the north.

Summer will be much hotter than normal, with near-normal rainfall despite a hurricane threat in early to mid-July. The hottest periods will occur from mid-June through early July and in early August.


Well, that sounds promising. Wet spring and 'much' hotter than normal summer. C'mon, summer is already very hot and humid around here. It's interesting to see the predicted hurricane threat in July. You know what, I hope this old book is WRONG!

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