I don't know about you, but I do the cooking in my household. When the family (mainly the daughter and her mother) say that they don't eat this and that, it really bugs me. I ask why they don't eat for example onions or peppers or garlic or pizza or seafood or black beans or anything like that they respond with "because I just don't."
Now everyone has different tastes, I of all people understand that. It gets me when, lets say I cook chili. I use onions, garlic, black beans, all of the things they say they don't eat.
They eat it, and I mean eat it all without saving me any, but it was made with a lot of the stuff you all said you didn't eat. When I tell them that, they say they ate it because they didn't know it was in there.
So, hold on. I'm confused. You say you don't eat this and that but in actuality you do? All I say is don't say what you don't eat if you haven't tried the way I do it.
Bon Appetite