The web is going crazy over TGT's live "performance" on WLNY's The Couch It seems that a few issues exist:

  1. The group didn't practice together.
  2. Ginuwine didn't learn the song, except for his solo part.
  3. Ginuwine is messing up, and Tyrese is mad about it.
  4. Tank is laughing.

Don't take my word for it.  See it for yourself.

This junk is hilarious! What's up with Ginuwine's frowns and head jerks like he's really jamming? At one point, he and Tyrese look like it's taking everything in them to keep from swinging on each other.  That look Tyrese gives him at :25 is PRICELESS!  Have you ever been in a choir or group and the person standing next to you sings a bad note? That's that look you give them right there.


Never the less, I think I'm going to like the recorded version of this song, but as for now, I think this video will do down right next to Donnell Jones in my list of Favorite Worst Live Performances.