When I first saw this I knew I had to tell somebody. This is a testament to those that share way too much on line. This extremely 'Dumb A$$' criminal got busted over his craigslist post.

What kind of post was it you may ask?

It simply said,'Pot… I SELL WEED - $200.'

This 'brilliant' businessman posted what his product looked like, prices, his phone number, and locations where he sells it and of all things his photo.

The ad caught the eye of an officer looking on-line for a car.

And so the stupidity was rewarded.

A sting was set up, and this idiot didn't notice that the guy coming to by his weed had a hat that read 'marijuana eradication'. (as If that wasn't enough of a hint for him)

When the deal was almost done the 'Dumbest A$$' criminal so far this year was arrested.