Yesterday morning, while on my way to work, I noticed that the price of gas was a bit lower at the service stations near my house.  Days prior, prices lingered around $3.39 per gallon for regular unleaded.  So, when I saw $3.33, I was ecstatic! 

I started to pull over right then and fill up, but I had no time to spare.  Instead, I prayed all day that the prices would remain low at least until I got off work.  While at work, I stumbled upon an article that said that Superstorm Sandy had much of a crippling affect on East Coast travel.  With no vehicles moving, the price of fuel decreased.  Simply the law of supply and demand.

Well, although you'd probably never see me at a gaming machine, I do believe that I may be a gambler at heart.  When I got off work yesterday, the gas was still $3.33/gallon, but I still didn't get any.  Based on the reports of damage from Superstorm Sandy, East Coast roadways probably won't be filled for quite some time, which means that fuel prices might go even lower. Apparently, I am willing to take that chance.

Yesterday evening, my dashboard read "31 Miles to E."  Sad. I know, I know.  But do you think I got any gas?  Nope.  And while on my way to work this morning, I saw $3.29! Angels in heaven are rejoicing! I honestly think I saw a light from heaven and heard the "Hallelujah" song.  Then again, that could've been the headlights from oncoming traffic and my own praise as I pulled my vehicle back into my own lane and forced my eyes to depart from the magnificent sight in the sky: $3.29!

I still didn't stop to get gas!  Yes, you read correctly.  I had 31 miles to empty YESTERDAY!  What can I say? I had no time to spare. *shrug*  However, whether I want to wait to see if gas prices will go even lower or not, I still have to get gas today.  I think I'll put in about $5 and wait to see where prices will be tomorrow.