Ladies, when it comes to child bearing, we're often given loads of advise from other mothers: to stay at home or go back to work, formula or breastfeed, etc. But have you ever thought about foregoing a hospital birth in favor of having birth at home?

Apparently, there's a resurgence of women who choose to give birth at home, made even more popular by television personality Ricki Lake.  She produced a documentary about her experiences and has even created a website dedicated to those that have opted to have their children at home or those who are considering doing so.

Interesting, to say the least.

I would think that one who is even considering having a child at home should make sure she is in tip-top condition herself to prevent as many complications as possible.  Having a baby even in a hospital is risky business.  Having one at home has to be even more risky. However, it would probably save thousands on hospital bills if there are no complications. What do you think? Worth the risk or not?