The holiday season is upon us, which means many of us will be going to family gatherings.  Sometimes, there's a family member that wants to cook everything, and sometimes everyone is asked to bring a dish.  For the sake of those that may have moved to an area where they don't know many people and cannot go home for the holidays, I am going to post recipes for common dishes that might take a bit of effort to prepare.  First on the list is dressing!

Now, I'm posting this with time enough for you to give it a try before you have to make it for others. This way, if you don't like it, you have time to tweak it or find a new recipe.

Now, I don't personally follow this recipe, but I guess it might be helpful for someone who wants some dressing but has no idea how to make it.  Do you have a recipe that works?  Feel free to share it in the comments.