I just read an article that named 7 inconsistencies in the tv show "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."  I found it odd that I'd happen upon this list, considering the timing of James Avery's recent death.  But I also found the the list funny, as I'd noticed many of the listed items and wondered if the show's writers and producers would think no one would notice.


#7. Will's Basketball Aspirations

#6. Uncle Phil's Deteriorating Health

#5. One Actress, Two Roles

#4. Will's Disappearing Friends

#3. New House!

#2. Nicky's Hormone Problem

#1. Two Aunt Vivs


It was kinda hard to ignore the difference in the two Aunt Vivs as well as how little Nicky grew from an infant to a toddler instantaneously and how some actresses appeared on the show more than once in different roles, but some of the other inconsistencies were unnoticed for the most part. How about you? Would you have noticed any of these if you hadn't read this article?