At last night's American Music Awards, Lil Mama took the stage with T-Boz and Chilli. She rapped Left-Eye's part in "Waterfalls."

While I wouldn't say she should be a part of the group permanently, I do believe she held her own. I always wondered why Lil Mama was a judge on "America's Best Dance Crew," and now I see that the girl has wonderful stage presence and is a good performer.

In other news, Rihanna just doesn't care. Not only did she come with her hair still wrapped, but she even left the pins in it. I refuse to believe she did that on purpose, but she had to have been sitting under the dryer and realized she just didn't have enough time to get her hair styled.  I'm sure she gave that hair dresser a good cursing out and kept it moving.... Because people just accept what she does as edgy. Right? Nah!  She gets no pass from me.  Now, people give natural women a hard time, but here's a superstar with all kinds of money and access to hair dressers, but she comes to a freakin' awards show with her hair wrapped.  Shiny but none the less wrapped.

So, what do you think? Was it a good move on TLC's part to have Lil Mama perform with them, considering her portrayal of Left-Eye in their recent biopic; or should they have played the version without the rap or played a video of Left Eye rapping it herself?  And does Rihanna get a pass because she's a star, or was her wrap-wearing a bit on the ratchet side?