Recently, caterpillars meant for consumption were found in a man's luggage and in a stew at a restaurant in France.

According to BBC News, a man was caught at Gatwick airport in London with 207 pounds of caterpillars. The tiny creatures weren't alive at the time they were seized by airport customs agents. Instead, they were dried and had been brought for personal consumption.Customs agents would not allow the thousands of dried, shrink-wrapped insects into the UK, due to animal product restrictions. The 22-year-old man travelling from Burkina Faso in West Africa had to say goodbye to the critters and probably a whole lot of meals. Meanwhile,French health inspectors found an insect surprise of their own during a routine check of a restaurant in Aubervilliers, outside of Paris.Inspectors found a strange pot of meat boiling on the stove.the dish in question turned out to be a caterpillar stew. It was ultimately thrown away because the origin of the meat could not be determined. Apparently, the shop only had a license to sell drinks and take-out food, but it had been serving up caterpillar stew on the side. The eatery was ultimately shut down for health code violations. While eating caterpillars may seem strange in the U.S., the critters are a common source of protein in many African countries. Would you try caterpillar stew?