It will never cease to amaze me, how my mother finds these tidbits of humor that I share with you.Here's the latest: There was a pastor at a very large and well attended church that decided one Sunday morning he would miss church and go golfing since he hadn't gone in a while. He had his plan well thought out, he would call in sick then drive to the next city over so no one would see him. When he got to the course it was beautiful, the weather was perfect and no one he knew was in sight. He took out his club and got his ball on the tee. He took a mighty swing at the ball and sent it flying down the course,when all of a sudden a gust of wind carried the ball all the way down the course to give him a hole in one on a 475 yard shot . This was an impossible shot that he had just made.Then an Angel asked God, why he blew the ball in the hole? God replied,Who's he going to tell?