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Job Fair at the Tuscaloosa Career Center this Wednesday
If you’re looking for a job or know someone who is, this information could be just what you need.
Hoover-based Staffmark is an agency the helps employers find the right fit for their companies while also helping job seekers gain employment...
Cracker Barrel’s Lemonhead Sticks are Delicious
Anyone who's ever been to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store knows how the store can spark nostalgia. The store has the best of everything old school.
There are old school games, household items, and candy. But somehow,  the company managed to make an old candy new.
Small Checks Prompt Questions of Integrity
Tonight, after a LONG day out, I returned home and went through the mail. One item said it was from a check department.  So,  I opened it first.
As it turns out, a credit card company sent me a refund less than $2 because I apparently paid more in interest than I was supposed to during a pa…
Vet Neuters Dog without Owners' Permission
Couple returned from an anniversary trip (and you know how that goes… alone time, celebrating your marriage, you’re in a good mood), went to get their dog, and their dog had been neutered!
Bathroom at Pickens County High School Beyond Disgusting!
I just cleaned the bathrooms in my home Saturday morning, but what I just saw makes me want to clean them again!
Apparently, Pickens County High School either doesn’t have a janitor, cleaning bathrooms isn’t in his or her contract, or somebody is significantly ov…
Couple KILLS Hillsong Cover
They've done exactly what they sought to do: gain new followers, increase in popularity, and build the anticipation of other projects.
Tuscaloosa Social Savings and Motorcycle Clubs to Host Easter Egg
Each year, the social savings clubs and motorcycle clubs combine forces to present an Easter egg in West Tuscaloosa neighborhoods. This year’s event will be held at the McDonald Hughes Community Center on Saturday, March 31, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.
Who's on the Chopping Block?
We're all on something like our best behavior. Wish us luck on still being employed tomorrow!

I kid. I kid.... Kinda.