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Mayor's Cup and 1/2 Marathon Combined
Favorite area races are the Mayor's 5K, which benefits Pre-K initiatives, and the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon. This year, they've combined forces.
Fundraiser for Merriweather Family at McKinstry Banquet Hall
A benefit event is being held at McKinstry Banquet Hall tonight, and all of the proceeds will be given to the family of Jalen Merriweather, the 18-year-old Holt High student who was killed while attempting to defend his sister from a violent encounter.
Housework Doesn't Come Natural to All Women
I’m not Superwoman!  That is a fact with which I had to come to grips.  I do get a lot accomplished in a matter of a day, but there is one area where I truly struggle: Cleaning!
Now, that’s not to say that I DON’T clean… Just that it do…
Alabama Senator Hank Sanders Won't Seek Re-Election, Daughter Run
Alabama’s longest serving state senator, Hank Sanders, says he is not going to seek a 10th term in office. That doesn’t mean the Senate will be missing a Sanders in that seat, though. Senator Sanders’ daughter, Malika Sanders-Fortier, is planning to run for the Senate District …
Jade Nicole's People to Know: Dr. Lynette T. Smith
The month of February is marked as a time for people of African descent to celebrate their accomplishments, culture, and history. But how much do we know about any of it? There is nothing like sitting and listening to elders discuss these topics. And nobody tells stories of Black history like Dr. L…