What's going on?

ALDOT to Shut Down 20/59 in Birmingham
Got plans to see Leon Bridges at the BJCC in April?  Travis Greene at Iron City in March?  How about anybody coming to Huntsville?  Not going to a show but plan to travel to a destination that takes you through Birmingham?  Whatever the case may be, there are about to be changes …
Fun Night In Painting with the Girls
We spent a little over an hour painting before I took them home, but we've already decided to have another "painting party" when they go on Christmas break.
Impact Nation Presents Toys for Tots to US Marines
The Impact Nation has a community outreach ministry which regularly serves in shelters, donates food and service to Campus Life, and hosts a campaign to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital among other charitable work.
Shooting Officer in Galleria Killing Still Unidentified
It’s been well over a week since the fatal shooting of Emantic “EJ” Bradford, Jr. at the Riverchase Galleria.  Yet, the identity of the officer who killed the man is still being withheld.
Here are the facts:

There was a shooting reported, and office…
Addressing Stereotypes: Black People Don't Tip
A Black woman stated that when dining, even if the service is poor, she still feels obligated to tip well as a means of not falling into the stereotype that Black people don’t tip.
Tuscaloosa Ministry Provides Beds to Those in Need
Years ago, I was told that the definition of ministry is to see a need and meet that need.  It doesn't always mean to preach, as we've become so accustomed. But it is often said that the most important or memorable sermon many will ever receive is in the ACTIONS of another...
Why I Don’t Do Black Friday
I attempted to take part in the melee once, just for the experience. I quickly discovered it was an experience I could do without.