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Stillman SGA President Seeks Local Church Partners
The Student Government Association at Stillman College is looking for churches which would like to be a part of Welcome Week, in hopes of assisting students find temporary church homes and maintain necessities through the year.
Groups Prepare for School Year Needs
For many,  the 4th of July generally denotes the beginning of the end of summer. This means the first day of school is soon to come.
It's one thing to have school supplies and clothing to purchase.  It's something entirely different when your child is a student athlete...
Huge Community Extravaganza in Alberta City Today
Seven years after the tornado that destroyed much of Tuscaloosa, the Alberta City area looks entirely different.  Yet, one thing remains the same: the heart of the community.
One of the greatest assets of the Alberta community is the College Hill Baptist Church...
All White Affair at the Renaissance Center This Saturday
No summer is complete without an all white party, and if you haven't been to one yet this year, get ready for this weekend!
It's an All White Affair at the Renaissance Center, Saturday, June 30 beginning at 7pm.
t's sure to be a night of fun with DJ Emtee on the music and a live perform…
How Do News Crews Choose Who to Interview?
If you've never watched the news or seen a video and asked,  "Why did they interview that person?" this post isn't for you.
Maybe I'm becoming more sensitive in my older years (beyond my 20s, I mean), but I am tired of watching the news or seeing an interview whe…
Server Provided THE BEST Customer Service!
Most of us can pinpoint a particular place where we've received the worst customer service ever.  This post is not that! As a matter of fact,  it's quite the opposite. Here's a story about one of the greatest servers ever.
My family recently went to dinner at the Cheesecake F…