What's going on?

State of Black America Conversations Held in Tuscaloosa
Over the past several weeks, numerous screenings, forums and conversations have been held on the topic of a locally produced documentary: Moving Forward- Past, Present, and the Future of Black America. The closest upcoming event will be at Stillman College on Saturday, February 3.
Take Time to Take Care of YOU
When I say I don't take care of myself, it goes far beyond having "me time." I don't sleep much and don't do much for myself in comparison to how much I do for others.
Paint and Sip at Band of Brothers
"Paint and Sip" at Band of Brothers is exactly what it says. You paint while sipping on your favorite craft beer mimosa or other beer.
Jones-Pruitt Brings 100 Wins to Holy Spirit
What's it like to be a winner in Tuscaloosa? Besides asking Coach Saban or one of his players, you might also want to ask Char-Lette Jones-Pruett. She has led Holy Spirit's Lady Saints to 100 victories over her five years as coach.
Comedian Calls Out President for National Anthem Blunder
By now, most of us have seen the video of President Trump mouthing some of the words to the National Anthem. Given his apparent affinity to Twitter, Comedian Steve Brown took his questions for the president directly to social media.
And if you're wondering if he really did this, in the words of …
Barnes YMCA to Honor King Legacy with Church Service
The YMCA will host a church service at Elizabeth Baptist Church on Sunday, January 14. The Martin Luther King Jr. 2018 Youth First Campaign is said to be a day of worship, honoring Dr. King's heart of service for others.
Catchiest Jingles in America
What is it about these songs that makes us remember them for years beyond the last time we heard them? 
Missing Businessman's Body Recovered
Robert Scott, owner of Anthony's Lounge in Geiger, AL, had been missing since December 26. His body was recovered from a vehicle submerged in a pond.