Bishop Opts for Tent Instead of Casket
Did anyone wake up to read the national obituaries, wondering if you'd see Bishop Rickey Moore's name? Well, it turns out that the right reverend changed his mind about being buried for three days and opted instead to spend that time in a tent.
Easter Egg Hunts in Tuscaloosa
Tomorrow is sure to be a fun-filled day for children across West Alabama, as Easter egg hunts will take place in numerous locations.  Many of them will offer other fun activities such as face-painting, moonwalks, etc. The following is a list of a few.
How Did The Rabbit Get Associated With Easter
Have you ever wondered how the rabbit got associated with Easter? That’s a question I’ve asked for years. You wouldn’t believe some of the explanations I got. One kid told me her Mother told her Jesus had a pet rabbit named Bunny. Come on Mom you could…

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