My Favorite Place To Eat In Tuscaloosa
Today before i came to work i had a chance to stop by my favorite restaurant on the way in. My favorite place to eat in Tuscaloosa is Kobe, i love watching the chef's cook on the open grill and do all the really cool tricks.
When i go to Kobe i always get the grilled shrimp and chicken over the …
The Most Delicious Dinner Ever
So I had the pleasure of trying out the food at Texas Roadhouse the other night, and it was the most delicious thing Ive ever tried. It literally gave me life.
I ordered the grilled salmon with green beans and a loaded sweet potato topped with caramel and marshmallows...
10 Variations of Popular Candies You Probably Missed
People love candy: The average American spends $84 on and consumes about 23.9 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. With all that money and attention, you'd think it would be hard for a candy product to fail. Not true. Many candy products come and go without much notice. Here are 10 variations o…

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