July 4th

Americans Have No Idea Why We Celebrate July 4th
This is both embarrassing and depressing.
Self-proclaimed 'Media Analyst' Mark Dice interviewed a few of our fellow countrymen to ask if they understood the reason our nation celebrates Independence Day. The results weren't pretty.
When asked what July 4th meant, one woman replied the F…
Best July 4th Fireworks in and Near Tuscaloosa
Of course, summer is a very popular time for travel and vacations, especially around the 4th of July.  For those that would like to travel a bit without going too far and spending lots of money, here's a list of places in the state where Independence Day celebrations may be enjoyed.
Thank You, Hometown Heroes
Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons; food, fireworks and family. But for me, the day is about reflecting on the miracle of America's birth and those who fought against tyranny.
It's also a moment to remember that many soldiers and their families are celebrati…

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