So, months after it has died the rest of the world starts doing the ice water challenge? How is it that all of a sudden the "ice bucket challenge" is to bring awareness to ALS? Is this another case of "twerking" being made famous by Miley Cyrus? How does accepting the challenge benefit the charity? Turns out, we've been doing it wrong!

It's like a case of the telephone game (where you whisper into the ear of the person next to you, and he passes the message to the next person, so on and so forth until the message comes back to you) gone HORRIBLY wrong.  For starters, a person challenges another to donate to the charity.  That person then has 24 hours to make said donation.  If he does not, the ice is dumped on him as a punishment!

In another version, a person accepts the challenge of having a bucket of ice water dumped on him.  This person STILL gives $10 to the charity while those who were challenged but declined to complete the task must pay $100 to the charity.

Now, how did ALS become the charity of focus for the challenge when it has been circulating FOR MONTHS, indicating that the donation be made to the charity of the challenger's choice? Some people challenged their favorite celebrities, who complied and ALS was named as the beneficial charity. In addition, the ALS Association announced that it had received over $15 million as a result of the challenge, and with that announcement, it became the charity most closely associated with the challenge.

So, hopefully, that answers a few questions.