According to the Tuscaloosa News, yesterday, a jury found 42-year-old William Thomas Moore Jr. guilty of sexually abusing a young child. After hearing the verdict, Moore is said to have put something in his mouth, which he said was his daily medication, but he went into medical distress and was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center, where Moore was pronounced dead.

The Alabama Constitutional Review Commission has voted to propose striking segregationist language from the state's 1901 constitution mandating separate schools.

Yesterday, traveling hospital technician David Kwiatkowski pleaded guilty to infecting dozens of patients with hepatitic through tainted needles. While he will spend decades in prison, his plea allows him to avoid criminal charges in Kansas, Maryland, and Georgia.

Fox Sports reports that a man fell more than 60 feet from an upper-level platform to his death on a parking lot during a baseball game at Atlanta's Turner Field last night.