Sunday, September 29, I'll be celebrating my 30-somethingth birthday. (Forgive me. I lose count regularly.)  Numerous people have asked what I have planned.  I thought that this might be a good time to do a wine tasting.  When I mentioned it to a friend last night, he stated, "You know that you don't drink the wine at a wine tasting, right?"

Wait!!! What?  Stop the presses.  How do you taste the wine without drinking it?  Of course, I asked.

He says that at wine tastings, get this, people really are interested in just TASTING the wine and that they spit it out once they've explored the wine's taste, texture, and all that stuff. I couldn't believe anybody would be so wasteful.  Spit out the wine that's already in my mouth? That's just crazy.

Even if I don't like it, it takes less effort to swallow it than to find a way to spit a fluid that loose.  Let's face it, there's no "cute" way to spit.  Thicker substances (like food or even mucus) form a mass that's easily spit into a towel or napkin.  But a liquid that's intended to be sipped? How do you spit it out and look ladylike at the same time?  I just don't see it happening. So, rather than risk appearing uncouth by spitting or disrespectful by NOT spitting, I think I'll just buy 10 bottles or so and invite the girls over.  Then again, the winery says wine tasting is free..... Decisions, decisions.