Today, I took a walk around Government Plaza and took a moment to view the plaques on the Hall of Fame. While it contains both Black and White citizens who've made significant contributions to the city, I couldn't help but notice the lack of inductees under the age of 40.

Why is this? Is no one under 40 doing anything note-worthy? If so, did they just not come to mind when nominations were being taken?

I'm not in any way taking anything from a person who's received the prestigous honor; and I know that people are often hesitant to bestow such an award to a living person, just in case they subsequently do something that would make a mockery of the designation, but there are numerous currently living people who have been recognized.  Granted, they ARE at the age where the revelation of scandal would come as a complete shock, but surely the civic contributions to Tuscaloosa did not stop with the Baby Boomers.