With Bacon & Brewfest just around the corner, bacon isn't typically thought of as a fancy ingredient. In the past it's been piled on sandwich's, used as a taco shell, and added to unlikely products such as milkshake's and ice cream. But one costly sandwich (and a sprinkle of edible gold dust) might just change bacon's reputation.

The record for the most expensive bacon sandwich in the world was recently broken.

The sandwich in question is a pricey $235 bite served at a restaurant in England.The creation includes eggs, watercress, and a rare breed bacon, but also has black truffle spread, sliced truffles, edible gold dust, and saffron. The sandwich is also cooked in truffle oil.

My first question is.....Who in their right mind would pay for let alone eat a bacon sandwich like that? And second, why all of the truffles, oil, and gold dust?(ARE YOU SERIOUS) It might sound like a good idea if have that kind of money, but for most of us, hold everything but the star....Bacon.