Finally, the gunshots have ended, and I feel safe to slide out from under my bed. What? Don't judge me. What goes up must come down, and if people are shooting into the air (or at others) over Alabama's loss to Texas A&M or Texas A&M's 29-24 defeat, a matter of perspective, I need to have as many layers of defense as possible between the bullets and myself.

Anyway, while under my bed, I took a little time to surf the Web, and what I found was not much of a surprise, but it was bittersweet.  Many sports analysts, especially Dr. Saturday, are saying that Johnny Manziel's performance may have put him in the No. 1 position in the Heisman race. *huge sigh*

Just last week, as Bama inched out a win against LSU, all the talk was about how AJ McCarron may have catapulted himself to the front.  Here it is one week later, and names such as Geno Smith, Marqise Lee, and Kenjon Barner are being thrown around in addition to Johnny Manziel, of course.

While having a freshman to win the Heisman is note-worthy in itself, it makes me wonder what requisites must be met to win the award.  It seems that consistency is not a factor.  "Oh, don't worry about all of the other games we've lost.  Just make sure you perform well this week, and you could win!"

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I've always viewed the Heisman as an MVP award of sorts for a season, not just one game.  While Johnny Manziel may have helped his team defeat the Tide, I think the bigger factor might have been the holes in Alabama's defense, which were brought forward a week ago. 

Whatever the case may be, I'm thinking about taking 3 weeks off from my job.  Once I return, I think I'll be well-rested enough to give one stellar week of performance. Think they'll make me employee of the month?  *shrug* I don't either.