So, last week, I told you about how McCracken Family Chiropractic is helping me to get myself together.  Well, I actually started the plan Friday morning, and truth be told, I did NOT follow the plan as I was supposed to. Go ahead and scold me.  I deserve it.

However, I did still lose weight.  Now, I feel like a real dummy!  Had I followed the plan as I was supposed to, there's no doubt in my mind that I would've been 10 lbs down.  The program is designed so that you don't have to exercise, but you'll still lose weight.  Read that last line again if you want, but I meant just what you read.  You don't have to exercise, but you'll still lose weight.

So happy about my progress that I took a pic without a stitch of makeup! SMH

But because I have a goal that is larger than just weight loss (I want to be fit.  There are some skinny/small people that are unfit.) AND I didn't follow the plan as I should have, I did exercise this weekend.  I did Zumba at my church Saturday morning-- ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!  And I walked/ran a couple of laps around Bowers Park yesterday.  Speaking of Bowers, (and I have to say it exactly how I feel it) why ain't nobody tell me......??? My butt is sore, my thighs are sore, my abs are sore.... And it all feels so good!

So, as of now, I'm recommitting to following the program as I should, but I'm also more amped about exercising.  Wish me luck, and feel free to join me during any of the times that I exercise.  Also, be sure to call McCracken Family Chiropractic at 345-5035 to find out what I'm doing to lose weight as well as how some things you're doing thinking that you're making healthier choices are actually working against you.  When you know better, you do better. I see nothing but better days ahead for myself.