A few years ago, an advocate for the elderly told me about how prostitution has changed over the years with the advancement of sex enhancement drugs, especially among the elderly.  He said that prostitutes now target nursing homes and senior centers where they're more apt to find a consistently paying "John."  Well, apparently, (and I have to say it how I feel it) the game done changed again!

Weekday mornings, you can often hear Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown telling "players" to keep up with their technology (i.e. cell phones, computers, etc.) so as to not get caught cheating.  Apparently, this technology thing is not only getting the "players" messed up, but prostitutes have gotten DUMB and LAZY!

Tuscaloosa police say they've made prostitution arrests after conduction an undercover prostitution detail from ads they found online at www.backpage.com.  Police are said to have arrested 2 suspects for solicitation of prostitution, 1 suspect for outstanding warrants, 1 suspect for possession of a controlled substance, and identified and trespassed 5 prostitutes/escorts and 1 pimp that were previously unknown to officers from the hotel they were staying at.

Now, I believe in obeying the law, other than the speed limit (pray for me). But I also think that if you're going to break the law, you cannot expect to take the easy way out.  I mean, REALLY??? You place an ad for prostitution? When was the last time you heard a weed dealer on the radio talking about, "I got that loud. Come on down and see me at...."?  It just doesn't happen. What ever happened to the day of the street walker. Now would be the time for them to come back out. Average, everyday women are dressing just like them. It would be easy to blend in with the crowd.

And then, what happened to prostitutes that actually look like something?  They used to be pretty and shapely. Now, they're walking around looking like Who Did It and What For. And putting up online ads. SMH The game done changed!