Imagine this: After a night of drinking, you swallow a pill and poof — you are suddenly sober.

The results of a successful study at UCLA could eventually lead researchers to develop pills that reverses intoxication. Scientists were able to sober up drunken mice using specific enzymes. The mice were injected with a combination of two enzymes wrapped in what is called a nanoscale shell. After being injected, the inebriated mice showed a rapid drop in alcohol levels.

The next step could be creating a pill for human use. Professors on the study explained that having an alcohol antidote pill for people would, "Almost be like having millions of liver cell units inside your stomach or in your intestine, helping you to digest alcohol."

Hypothetically, the pill would immediately reverse the effects of alcohol after it was ingested.While a sobriety pill could be an extremely useful way to reduce drunk driving, it might also lead people to drink more.