Alabama Power Warns Beware Of Scammers
Recently the IRS and Alabama Power and other companies and financial institutions have warned us about scammers. Here are a few common sense things to remember that hopefully help you avoid falling victim to scammers.
If anybody calls you on the phone demanding you pay a bill by phone hang-up...
Winning The Lottery Proved Deadly For This Winner
Winning the lottery is supposed to be a life changing experience. The odds of anyone winning are millions to one. Winning the lottery should make all your dreams come true. In this winner’s case winning the lottery could have caused just the opposite...
A 25-Year-Old Man Is Shot To Death Outside A Restaurant
I read and hear about a shooting almost every day. I just read about a costumer shooting a customer to death outside a Homewood restaurant.
We all have tempers, short fuses, or whatever you want to call it. But what could two customers in restaurant be arguing about that would end so violently...

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