Last night, the Tuscaloosa City Council approved a new and revised funding agreement between City Hall and the Tuscaloosa County Commission for a series of PARA facility upgrades. The plan now goes back to the County Commission for consideration.

Democratic Senator Hank Sanders and Representative Alvin Holmes say they will introduce bills in the Legislature next year, seeking to repeal our "stand your ground" law.

The House is considering an amendment to a defense spending bill that would tighten the leash on government surveillance, which has brought dire warnings from supporters that restrictions would put the nation at risk for another terrorist attack.

Dwayne Wade is said to have finally reached a financial settlement with his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches, ending their divorce saga, reports Fox Sports.

Yesterday, the five unopposed qualifiers were certified as the winners of their respective races, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

All four of the state's public schools that teach only special needs students are now labeled as failing because of the Accountability Act, and some parents are complaining.

A compromise measure to reverse student loan interest rates that doubled this month is before the Senate today. The bill eventually ties interest rates to the financial markets and critics say that provision makes the bill a bait and switch measure that could hurt future students.

Arlington, Florida day-care teacher Michelle Hammack has been fired for putting out a fire in the facility's oven. Officials say she shouldn't have left her classroom unattended.