The City of Tuscaloosa has announced that the Holidays on the River ice slide and skating rink will be closed through tomorrow due to the threat of inclement weather and will reopen Thursday at 4pm.

Less than two weeks after a Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court judge dismissed her case, yesterday, former Tuscaloosa schools board member Kelly Horwitz announced her appeal to the state Supreme Court to reconsider the lower court's refusal to overturn the municipal election results, as Horwitz claims voter fraud.

Governor Bentley says pay raises for teachers and funding for pre-kindergargen programs will be some of his highest priorities during the next legislative session.

Two teens who escaped from the Elk River Treatment Program in North Alabama Sunday are now back in custody after crashing a stolen car on a stretch of Interstate 65.

Current and former U.S. officials say in the early years after the September Eleventh attacks, the CIA made some prisoners at Guantanamo Bay double agents, and then sent them to their home countries to kill other terrorists. The CIA promised the prisoners freedom, safety for their families and millions of dollars from the agency's secret account.

One Virginia woman survived cancer and a motorcycle crash six months ago. As she left her home for a walk for the first time in six months Sunday, she was struck by a car and killed. That driver faces wreckless driving charges and failure to yield to a pedestrian.

Forecasters say the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, which officially ends Saturday, has delivered the fewest hurricanes since 1982.

Today, the Supreme Court could announce whather it will take up a birth control coverage dispute in the President's health care law. Some companies have religious objections to the law's birth-control mandate.

AJ McCarron says the Iron Bowl is just another game and he's not getting swept up in the hype surrounding the game this weekend.