At Dr. McCracken’s Weight Loss you can lose 1-2 Pounds of FAT per day through their safe, effective, natural weight loss system.

Motto: “Lose 1-2 Pounds of Fat Per Day”

Founded: January, 2007

Led by: Dr. Michael McCracken

Why They’re Unique: “Losing UP TO 1 to 2 pounds a day with FIVE simple components is entirely realistic.” Exclusive weight loss management sytem is completely SAFE and has been proven to work. It is based on scientific principles that cause almost immediate changes and is strictly administered along common sense protocols.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: Do I have to make a radical lifestyle change to lose weight on your program? How often will I need to make office visits before I see results?Are there other benefits that I can gain by following your program other than weight loss?

Meet The Expert

Dr. Michael McCracken was raised in Tuscaloosa, AL and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2001 and Parker College of Chiropractic in 2007. After undergraduate school, he took a passion in managing restaurants until a shoulder injury led him to a medical doctor. He was given physical therapy exercises to do to strengthen his rotator cuff muscles, but that did not address a deeper problem. With no real answers to correct a chronic shoulder issue, he trusted in a friend who was a Chiropractor to be adjusted. Immediately Dr. Michael’s shoulder felt different. He knew nothing of Chiropractic care, so he quickly researched a profession that would eventually change his life. Within 2 months of his first adjustment he enrolled and began Chiropractic school. His passion had shifted from food service to helping others without medication and/or surgery. In just 3 years he has founded and developed 2 clinics. His first in Lewisville, Texas which remains one of the largest wellness centers in the Dallas area. He sold it to move back home to Alabama where he now operates McCracken Family Chiropractic, the largest corrective care center in West Alabama.

Dr. Michael uses a corrective approach to Chiropractic, where he specializes in restoration of the natural curvatures in the spine to allow the body to function and heal the way God intended. With his health plans come all the vital pieces to a health puzzle that includes customized nutrition, cutting edge exercise/physical therapy, detoxification. He holds weekly community education events, bimonthly advanced health workshops, and speaks at schools, gyms, churches, businesses, and organizations to promote a healthier community.

Dr. Michael’s goal is to change the lives in his community by empowering them with the educational tools they need to motivate them to change their lives through healthy living. Please take the time to check out our written testimonials and video testimonials on YouTube to see all the patients that have made an impact in our lives. Are you ready to join his mission to transform you to live the abundant life God has made for you?

Jade Nicole talks to Dr. McCracken about his weight loss program. See how amazed Jade is when she hears about his unique approach and watch her take her first steps in her weight loss journey.

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An alkaline test can measure how healthy bottled water, tap water and purified water are for you. Watch the video to learn which type of water is the healthiest.

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The expert explains the negative effects of the artificial sweetener, aspertame, and which foods contain this.

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