This is Townsquare Media's 5th year putting on Bacon Brew and Que. So, we're something like pros at it now. If you've been with us since year one (even if you've skipped a time), you're practically a pro, too. (Feel free to cosign on any of these.)

If you've never attended, first of all, shame on you.  Second, we can't wait for you to join us.  But to make sure you have a wonderful time, here are a few pointers.

10 Do's and Don'ts of Bacon Brew and Que

1.  Don't wear heels.  You're there to have a good time and to be entertained.  Don't be everyone's good time and entertainment because after sampling 100 different beers, walking in heels just might be a bit difficult


which leads us to #2....

2.  Have a designated driver if necessary.  Nobody wants to be that friend who takes your keys to keep you from driving after you've overindulged.  If you're the type who says, "I paid $____ !  I'm getting every bit of my money's worth,"  we understand you!  We do do the same thing, which is why we're banned from most buffets... Okay, okay.  Maybe we haven't been banned from buffets, but we really want you to be safe and to not put your loved ones in the predicament of choosing who's going to drive you home, who will trail in their car to pick up said driver and take him back to his vehicle.  Why go through all that when you can just bring a designated driver?  Your DD will be allowed to eat as much food as you, enjoy as music as you, and down as much water as they'd like for only $15.  Can't beat responsibility at a good cost.

3.  Don't bring your children.  Granted, when you go to dinner with your family and order your meal, you may order a beer or two or three or eight.  Hey, who's counting?  But you're definitely not ordering 100+.  And trust us, no kid wants that awkward memory of seeing mom or dad behaving oddly and dancing to the beat of no one's drum.  HOWEVER, this is NOT a rule.  We won't prevent you from bringing your children if you just have to.  It has been done before, but if you do, please keep them away from the beer areas, and know that others WILL absolutely judge you. *shrug*  Hey! If your mind is made, it won't make a difference, right?


4.  Bring your patience.  Though the venue has been expanded with the beer vendors outside to accommodate all attendees, many of those pouring will still have multiple beers to handle.

5.  Vote for your favorite food!  If you tasted a dish that you thought was the absolute best, give it your vote.  We present a People's Choice award each year.  Don't let the one you loved lose by one vote.

6.  Talk with the vendors! This is a must, especially if you enjoy the product.  Find out where the restaurant is located or where the beer may be purchased so you can continue to enjoy it once the event is over.

7.  Be a participant, not a spectator!  You already know what's going on!  Don't be the creepy person, standing far enough away to see what's going on but not take part.  We see you. Come in and join the fun.



8. Dress comfortably! The forecast calls for beautiful, pleasant weather.  Leave your jeans at home.  Put on a comfy tee, tank, and shorts.  With all of the food and beer to consume, elastic waist shorts might even be appropria--  Nah!  An elastic waist is never appropriate on shirts unless there's an issue with your hands AND your shirt is long. Jorts?  Yeah, you can leave those at home, too.  Be comfy and ready to party!

9.  Be sure to visit our sponsors!  Look, they're putting up good money to make sure you're having a great time.  Let them know it's appreciated!

  • New Belgium and Fat Tire (Title Sponsor)
  • Southern Ale House and Dotson’s Burger Spot (Glass Sponsor)
  • Summerlin & Sons Auto Sales ( Auto Sponsor)
  • Tuscaloosa Tourism (Hydration Station)
  • Buffalo Rock (General Sponsor)
  • Mezrano Law Firm (Stage Sponsor)
  • Palm Beach Tan (Koozie Sponsor)

10.  Use our Snapchat filter! The biggest joy in using social media is making sure everybody knows exactly where you are and that you're living your best life, right? Of course it is!  And we like to know how much fun you're having, too.  So be sure to tag all of our stations.

Now, if you've read this far, you know beyond a shadow of doubt we're looking forward to seeing you at the 5th Annual Bacon Brew and Que and that we're going to have a GREAT time!  Don't miss out.  Get your tickets now.

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