Gordo Green Wave Washes Out Haleyville Lions
The green and white outshined the lights on a wet, humid evening in Gordo, Ala., as the Gordo Green Wave(4-1, 2-1) beat the Haleyville Lions(1-4, 0-3) 38-0 Friday evening. Haleyville, desperate to find a win and turn their season around, looked to capitalize on their opponents woes, while Gordo need…
Florida’s Biggest Losses in The Swamp in the Past Decade
Alabama faces off against Florida in the Swamp this upcoming Saturday for the first time since 2011. The Crimson Tide earned a 38-10 win in that matchup, but since then only eight opponents have come out on top in Gainesville.

Here are five substantial times the Gators were drained in the Swamp in …
The Townsquare Tuscaloosa team is picking games! Follow along as your favorite personalities from all of our stations and shows compete in staff picks.

The games are picked on the moneyline so we just want winners! Last week's slate featured a few big upsets and several great games.

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