This is a whole new kind of way to recycle.

The YouTube channel HouseholdHacker has come out with this video which shows 10 hacks for used soda cans. So, after you've finished that Cherry Coke or polished off that Diet Dr Pepper, don't toss out the because it can go on to have a rather unique and clever second life.

From cheese grater and makeshift pen holder to whistle and cookie cutter, there are more ways to re-use soda cans than there are brands of Mountain Dew.

So, give some of these a whirl to find out if they're actually as easy as the clip would have us believe. We're going to pick up a six-pack of RC (yeah, they still make it), give ourselves a nice little sugar infusion and then get crackin' on our new plant holder.

And if these hacks don't work, you can always just go back to bottles, right?

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