These men are dangerous and still on the loose. 

In two separate cases, two different Alabama men escape police custody and use an ambulance to make the getaway.

It seems unlikely but it happened!

First is 45-year-old Phillip Shane Bradford.

Photo Jefferson County Sherriff's Office
Photo Jefferson County Sherriff's Office

Bradford was on his way to UAB Hospital. When arriving at the hospital, Bradford was able to overpower the deputy and escape in a nearby unoccupied ambulance.

google maps
google maps

Police in Cullman, Alabama, said that a man they believed to be Bradford stole a truck from a Walmart parking lot on Thursday morning while traveling with an unidentified woman."

Bradford has been charged with

-robbery 1st degree,

-obstruction of governmental operations,

-possession of drug paraphernalia,

-attempting to elude and escape 3rd degree.

Bradford also has 1 failure to appear charge and 9 probation violations.

The Jefferson county sheriffs office said in a press release.

"Shortly after 4:00 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy had transported a 45-year-old, male inmate to UAB hospital for treatment.  Upon arrival, the inmate, Phillip Shane Bradford managed to overpower the deputy and flee the scene in an unoccupied ambulance.

Birmingham Police Department located the stolen ambulance in the Robinwood area.

The second is 48-year-old Johnny Lewis Payne who escaped from custody while being transferred to a Mental Health facility.

Jackson County Sherriff's Office
Jackson County Sherriff's Office

Payne Has been charged


-receiving stolen property

-stealing a city truck in Elba

If you have any information on Johnny Payne's whereabouts, ADOC asks that you contact your local law enforcement agency, the Marion County Sheriff's Office, or ADOC at (800) 831-8825.

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